The Gardens

A look at our landscaped gardens!

The meandering garden is one of the greatest achievements of famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. Tranquil resting places, shady recesses, picturesque vistas and expansive splashes of color create a contemplative setting for your personal renewal and enjoyment.

See what’s in bloom right now!

There are also many family-friendly garden areas which give children the chance to learn about the gardens while playing in a vine-covered arbor or observing butterflies.

The acres of ferns, palms, oaks and pines create a year-round backdrop of 1,000 shades of green for the seasonal bursts of azaleas, camellias and magnolia blooms that form an ever-changing work of art.

One of the best spots to observe the Gardens’ native birds, wildlife and wetland plants is inside the nature observatory known as “Window By The Pond.” Situated on the edge of a pond, the small wooden building has benches that face a large picture window where visitors can observe birds, reptiles, butterflies and native species in their natural habitat. On the back wall are drawings of some of the animals that visitors may catch a glimpse of from this unique human vantage spot. But a sign also reminds visitors: “this is nature’s show not ours. No scheduled performances.”

Natural Sounds of the Gardens

Listen to this inspiring audio recording produced by Dan Gibson of the natural sounds around the Gardens with an introduction by Ken Morrison, a former director of the Gardens.

[wpaudio url=” Lake Sanctuary Sounds Side A.mp3″ text=”Bok Tower Gardens” dl=”0″]

You might also be interested in hearing these sounds recorded at Tiger Creek Preserve, a nearby preserve on the Lake Wales Ridge ecosystem.

[wpaudio url=” Creek Sounds Side B.mp3″ text=”Tiger Creek” dl=”0″]