This year the Rare Plant Task Force will be an entirely virtual meeting!

Bok Tower Gardens, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, the Endangered Plant Advisory Council of the state of Florida Division of Plant Industry, and the Florida Plant Conservation Alliance are pleased to announce the 2021 Rare Plant Task Force meeting! This year, the meeting will be held entirely virtually during the week of Monday – Friday, April 26 – May 2, 2021.

The 2021 Florida Rare Plant Task Force will feature a live introduction and live keynote on April 26th. Pre-recorded presentations on a variety of rare plant topics and virtual tours will be available throughout the week via links available following registration. The Florida Plant Conservation Alliance will lead a discussion or information gathering session for select species in order to inform their listing status and provide updated information to federal and state agencies.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the agenda.


  • A live welcome, introduction, and keynote speaker on Monday, April 26.
  • A diverse selection of pre-recorded presentations available via links throughout the week.
  • Behind-the-scenes Virtual Tours of Bok Tower Gardens and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens.
  • An information-gathering forum offered by the Florida Plant Conservation Alliance to update species information for EPAC and prioritize species’ needs.
  • Access to the Center for Plant Conservation’s Rare Plant Academy Presentations.

Meeting registration for 2021 is free of charge; however, registration is required to access meeting content. Participants MUST register in advance through Bok Tower Gardens. Registration may not be accepted during the meeting dates. Coordinators reserve the right to decline any registrants.

Meeting policies:

You agree to take no photos or videos of the meeting (except by express permission of the organizers), nor record or share any of the data, links, or any information presented. One attendee per registration, and do not share link with non-registrants.

Rare Plant Task Force 2021 Registration

You will receive a registration confirmation with a link to view the meeting content.
Contact Cheryl Peterson – – with any questions.

The annual Rare Plant Task Force is a state-wide meeting that brings together the network of conservation professionals from a variety of disciplines and agencies to share approaches and findings, forge new partnerships, and discuss rare plant conservation priorities. This annual meeting is made possible by grants from the State of Florida, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry.

The Mission of the Florida Plant Conservation Alliance (FPCA) is to study and preserve Florida’s flora through multi-disciplinary research, education, and advocacy; facilitate the recovery of rare, threatened, and endangered plants of Florida and the southeastern US through collaborative efforts in our state; and communicate the importance of preserving biodiversity worldwide.

2021 Agenda

Live presentations on Monday, April 26th
9:15AM – Cheryl Peterson (Bok Tower Gardens) and Jennifer Possley (Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden)
Conference introduction & welcome

9:30AM – Dr. Alan Franck (Florida International University)
Keynote Address: “Florida’s Rare Biota: the Known, the Lost, the Obscure, the New, and the Unknown”

Pre-recorded presentations (view on your own time)
Patti Anderson | FDACS DPI | Please permit me…how to legally collect endangered plant seeds and other plant parts

Nancy Bissett |The Natives, Inc.| Transplanting endangered Fragrant Prickly-Apple From a Rail Corridor to Savannas Preserve SP

Bill Boothe | Apalachicola and Beyond–Documenting Rare Floral Species, One Plant At a Time

Sally Chambers | Selby | Taxonomic status and conservation of Tillandsia utriculata

Lydia Cuni | Fairchild | Partnering to Safeguard South Florida Vulnerable Plant Species Through Strategic In-situ and Ex-situ Conservation Measures

Katie Heineman | CPC | Florida seed collection initiative

Jimmy Lange | Fairchild | EPAC-funded work on Sargent’s cherry palm

Cheryl Peterson | Bok Tower | The soil microbiome and soil nutrients associated with Rugel’s pawpaw

Hector Perez | UF | Conservation of Linum arenicola through assessments of seed functional traits and multi-dimensional germination niche breadths

Jennifer Possley | Fairchild | EPAC-funded work on Key Tree Cactus

Susie Reutling | KWBG | Practical Propagation Techniques Utilized in an Open-air Sub-Tropical Nursery

Hanna Rosner-Katz | LWRSF| The Burning Bush: Prunus geniculata Monitoring and Management at the Lake Wales Ridge State Forest

Scott Ward | Archbold | Demographic evaluation of federally endangered Florida goldenaster (Chrysopsis floridana) in west-central Florida

Chad Washburn | Naples BG | Storymaps: Using technology to advance conservation efforts and messaging

Pre-recorded tours (view on your own time)
Sabine Wintergerst and Brian Harding | Fairchild | Virtual tour of seed lab and nursery

Anna Clarke | Bok Tower | Virtual tour of National Collection

Katrina Noland | Bok Tower | Virtual tour of restoration efforts and rare plants in the natural areas of the Gardens