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Effects of temperature, seed provenance, and substrate on germination of the endemic and threatened Paper nailwort

Extrinsic factors influence phenology of the epiphytic hand fern (Cheiroglossa palmata)

Using demographic findings to compare wild and translocated populations of Florida goldenaster (Chrysopsis floridana) in west-central Florida, U.S.A.

Characterization of Microsatellite Loci for an Endangered Plant, Warea amplexifolia

Effects of life history and reproduction on recruitment time lags in reintroductions of rare plants

Genetic and habitat variation among populations of the critically imperiled Vicia ocalensis (Fabaceae) in the Ocala National Forest, USA

Extrinsic factors influence phenology of the epiphytic hand fern (Cheiroglossa palmata)

Conservation implications of small population size and habitat fragmentation in an endangered lupine

Breeding system of the critically endangered Lakela’s Mint and influence of plant height on pollinators and seed output

Development and Characterization of Microsatellite Loci for the Endangered Scrub Lupine, Lupinus aridorum (Fabaceae)

Microhabitat of critically endangered Lupinus aridorum (Fabaceae) at wild and introduced locations in Florida scrub

Parent Genotype and Environmental Factors Influence Introduction Success of the Critically Endangered Savannas Mint (Dicerandra immaculata var. savannarum)

Influence of community structure on the spatial distribution of critically endangered Dicerandra immaculata var. immaculata (Lamiaceae) at wild, introduced, and extirpated locations in Florida scrub

Variables influencing germination and initial survival of two critically endangered plants: Warea amplexifolia and Lupinus aridorum