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Bok Adventures PK – 12 Tues – Sat 9A-4P 2 hours $7 per student minimum 10
options include Discovery and Nature Play, Insects Up Close, Math in the Gardens, Growing Writers, A Bird’s Life, Roots & Shoots, Building Character, Community Based Instruction, Splash! Grant Freshwater Education, and Walking Through History
Culinary Programs 2-12 Tues – Fri 9A-4P 2-3 hours fee varies varies
options include A-maize-ing Herbs, Mindful Smoothies, Pizza Gardening, and Plant Parts We Eat.
Team Building and Tree Climbing 1 – College Mon – Fri 9A-4P 3 hours $35 per student minimum 30
Service Learning 6 – College Tues & Thurs 9:30A-12P 2.5 hours no cost maximum 24
Earth Day Festival K – 5 APR 25 & 26, 2019 9A-12P 3 hours $7 per student no class size limit
Self-Guided Tours K – College Sun – Sat 9A-6P varies $5 per student no class size limit

* Group rate cannot be combined with memberships and passes. All group reservations must be paid in one payment to qualify for group rate. Payments are final and non-refundable. Receive one (1) free adult per five (5) students, additional adults are $10 each.

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