Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden

Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden

Say Hello to Hammock Hollow

Reflecting the art and spirit of Bok Tower Gardens, Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden incorporates cooling water features, vibrant plantings, a boardwalk, play areas with climbing features, a stage for little performers, and plenty of space to build, dig, create and explore.

These garden experiences are delightful for the young and young-at-heart as all visitors are enchanted by the natural beauty, discovery-based learning and unique horticultural elements.

Please note: Dogs are not permitted inside Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden.

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1 The Gateway | 2 Stone Mosaics | 3 Indigo | 4 Ledge Walk | 5 River Walk | 6 Edward Bok Word Garden | 7 Fox Den | 8 Fairy House Trail | 9 Back-in-time Garden | 10 Frog Hop | 11 Sabal Stage | 12 Doodle Bug art Place | 13 Songbird Music Tree and Acorn Chase | 14 Spider Climb | 15 Cypress Boardwalk | 16 Bobcat Scramble | 17 Pine Place | 18 Backyard Ramble

The Gateway1 The Gateway

Step through our “sneaky” arch and stroll upon the swirls of a pebble mosaic created by sculptor Kevin Carman as your garden adventure begins. Those who may need a slightly larger entrance can walk through our beautiful entrance gate leading to a gorgeous overview of our children’s garden.
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Stone Mosaics2 Stone Mosaics

Specially created mosaics of a red-headed woodpecker and gopher tortoise compliment smaller mosaics located along the trail and the large mosaic indigo snake in the sand play area. Every species along the path relies on the gopher tortoise burrows protected by Florida.
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Indigo Pass3 Indigo Pass

His inky-black pebble mosaic scales may glisten in the sunlight, but this larger-than-life indigo snake sculpture is a friendly fellow who surrounds a tot-sized sand circle encouraging sand play and motor skills. Grab a bucket and feel the sand between your fingers. This area also features exotic bamboo plantings.
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Ledge Walk4 Ledge Walk

Explore plenty of nooks and crannies along the Ledge Walk with cool, fern-covered rocks reflective of Florida’s remarkable karst limestone outcrop. Sit in the shade and cool off while looking for wildlife in the wetland area where small rabbits and adventurous anoles may be running around.
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River Walk5 River Walk

Cool off in the sparkling springs of River Walk and discover a refreshing display of fountains, spray jets, misters and foggers. The fountains only work once the secret button is pushed! Look for it on either end of the river walk to start the magical show of fountains.
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Edward Bok Word Garden6 Edward Bok Word Garden

Inspirational words etched in stone are a learning moment about qualities that make the world better. Run, climb and balance in our acorn chase featuring climbable acorns and plenty of wooden balance beams for endless creative fun.
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Fox Den7 Fox Den

This setting provides an opportunity to highlight plant, animal and human relationships and their dependency upon the forest for food and shelter. Unique plant life here will include hanging Spanish moss, resurrection fern-covered branches and epiphytes growing in the tree crevices.
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Fairy House Trail8 Fairy House Trail

In this part of the Children’s Garden magic truly happens. Our fairy homes cater to many different kinds of magical visitors but be careful when walking around loud noises will scare them off, however if you’re quiet enough you just might be able to see a fairy whisk by giving you good luck.
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Back-in-time Garden9 Back-in-time Garden

Take a walk through a Cabbage palm forest and play inside a Seminole-inspired Chickee Hut. The homestead has an outdoor kitchen with pots, pans and a vintage water hand pump perfect for making delicious natural made deserts including world famous mud pies.
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Frog Hop10 Frog Hop

This area evokes the historic nature of old Florida and is also home to the Frog Hop that tests even the most skilled jumpers with a series of tree stumps. The Warbler Thicket is a short walk through a honeysuckle tunnel and see the places where Warblers make their homes for the winter.
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Sabal Stage11 Sabal Stage

The Sabal Stage is a venue for special artistic performances and serves as a springboard for impromptu theater with different animal costumes available for creative play.
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Doodle Bug Art Place12 Doodle Bug Art Place

Come create beautiful works of art fueled by the colors of nature in our Doodle Bug Art Place. After creating your art piece take a break in one of our multiple hammocks and enjoy the peace of nature while your art dries.
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Songbird Music Tree13 Songbird Music Tree

Tuned acoustic instruments allow visitors to make soft harmonic music evoking the rich musical heritage of Bok Tower Gardens. Play on our zig-zag balance beam surrounded by giant acorns sculptures by David Price in the Acorn Chase.
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Spider Climb14 Spider Climb

Our adventurous kids will enjoy climbing and weaving their way through this gigantic spider-web-inspired play area. Learn how to climb like a spider and create fun games and memories using the imagination of the Gardens.
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Cypress Boardwalk15 Cypress Boardwalk

Walk along the boardwalk and through the Bird Hollow situated along a stunning Cypress grove. Bird feeding stations and plantings for wildlife attract birds and butterflies to this area.
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Bobcat Scramble16 Bobcat Scramble

Embrace your inner bobcat and stalk through this rocky terrain filled with all kinds of special finds including sharks teeth. After digging lie down or roll on the grassy hill and run free as a hare!
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Pine Place17 Pine Place

ool off by crawling underground into the Gopher Tortoise Burrow, be part of the gopher tortoise parade with his other friends. The fallen oak next to the burrow is a where the mischievous Reynard The Fox lives. His crafty ways gets him around the garden unseen.
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Backyard Bramble18 Backyard Bramble

Is this the end or is this the beginning? A backyard can be an exciting place to grow vegetables, flowers, and shelter for wildlife. This area is a ramble of plants for wildlife, food and fun.
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