Every Quarter Counts Online Campaign

What is 25 cents worth? More than just a simple quarter, the money collected from our fish feeders directly supports the Gardens. Just by exchanging a quarter for a handful of fish food, you help keep our Gardens growing.

But, it counts so much more. In our 91-year history, hundreds of thousands of kids (and kids-at-heart) have enjoyed the simple pleasure of feeding the koi that call the Singing Tower’s moat home. By feeding the koi, these kids have made the world a bit better and more beautiful—just as Edward Bok encouraged us all to do.

Their generosity counts. Will you join them?

In these uncertain times, rediscover the childhood magic that comes from a simple handful of fish food. Every $25 donated online is a virtual quarter to help keep your Gardens growing. Like the Koi, we will keep swimming. And, with your quarter, we will keep caring for our koi and our beautiful Gardens.

Thank you for your support. It really counts.

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