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Culinary Programs


The Outdoor Kitchen and Kitchen Garden offers opportunities for programs centered on plants as sources of food, health and wellness. Students can learn about the food they eat, where it comes from and how to cook it as well as participate in engaging culinary lessons.

A-maize-ing Herbs

2-5 grade $10/student Min. 10, Max. 60 Tues-Fri 9A-4P 2HR-3HR

Stimulate your senses with fresh herbs and spices! Students will explore our herb garden where they can touch and smell a variety of herbs and match the dried spice with the herb plant. They will create their own herb-seasoning blends to try out on freshly made air-popped popcorn in our Outdoor Kitchen, and use dried spices to make a fragrant art project to take home.

Mindful Smoothies

2-8 grade $12/student Min. 10, Max. 40 Tues-Fri 9A-4P 2HR-3HR

Start off with a team building activity, and add in a mindful walk to the Singing Tower to feed the koi. During their Garden walk, your students will practice paying attention to the present moment with all of their senses to focus on their experience. Afterwards, challenge your students to make unique smoothies in our Outdoor Kitchen using a variety of ingredients to create fun flavor combinations, then sample each other’s creations.

Pizza Gardening

2-12 grade $20/student Min. 10, Max. 25 Tues-Fri 9A-4P 2HR-3HR

Join us in the Outdoor Kitchen to make your very own pizzas! Students will learn how to make pizza dough and tomato sauce from scratch, and basic knife skills to prepare their choice of toppings. Create your unique pizzas, and slide them into our wood-burning pizza oven for just a few minutes to cook. Students also get to explore our Edible Garden to better understand the connection between plants and our food. Optional additional charge of $10 per adult for pizza.

Plant Parts We Eat

2-8 grade $12/student Min. 10, Max. 60 Tues-Fri 9A-4P 2HR-3HR

Do your students know that we eat different plant parts, like leaves, stems, roots, fruits, seeds, and bark? Your students will get to explore plant parts we eat in our Kitchen Garden and build their own flowering plant out of craft materials to make the connection between plant parts and our food. Then, they will whip up some healthy no-bake energy bites using different plant part ingredients to enjoy.

quote-25pxThey had a blast and I know they had a big boost of confidence as they got to display leadership skills. I was so proud of their work today. I thought the event was fantastic and I look forward to helping with future events.endquote-25px
– Lake Wales High School Culinary Arts instructor