Engagement proposals are welcomed as long as these events do not block any paths, cause sound disturbances or interrupt the visitor experience. We have a few recommendations and options to help with your planning.

Planning an Engagement Proposal

Advance reservations are not required and all celebration attendees must pay general admission, including witnesses, photographers, or videographers. Bok Tower Gardens is open to the public, thus areas of the Garden cannot be reserved for proposal events. Transportation is not available to any area of the Gardens. Proposals are not permitted inside the Yellin gates or The Singing Tower. We do not have the resources to provide a photographer and recommend you hire a professional or recruit a friend or family member to take photographs.

We recommend engagement proposals in these picturesque locations:

Permitted Items

· Natural or dried flower petals
· Small signs or handheld props

Prohibited Items

· Silk flower petals
· Balloons, glitter, and confetti
· Large furniture or props
· Drone photography

Picnic Planning Services

For a more formal engagement celebration, we recommend contracting the services of an approved 3rd party event planning service. We have successfully worked with the following picnic companies that offer several different packages.

Orlando Picnic Popup

The Picnic Drop

Boho Luxury Picnics

Please Note:

General admission is still required when contracting with these companies.