Math in the Gardens


2-5 grade $7/student minimum 15 Tues-Sat 10A-3P 2HR

Math is everywhere at Bok Tower Gardens, from the large round head of a sunflower to the grand landscape design of Fredrick Law Olmsted, Jr. Your students will delight in the beauty of math as they work together to find and compare hidden shapes and patterns in nature, measure angles, perimeter, area, and volume, and find lines of symmetry in natural objects. Students can even design their own garden. Use their designs to launch or revitalize your own school garden!

Best suited to 2nd through 5th grades. Programs may be modified for different grade levels.

Math: MAFS.2.G.1.1, MAFS.2.G.1.2,
MAFS.2.G.1.3, MAFS.2.MD.1.1, MAFS.2.MD.1.4,
MAFS.2.MD.4.10, MAFS.2.OA.3.3, MAFS.3.G.1.1,
MAFS.3.G.1.2, MAFS.3.MD.2.3, MAFS.3.MD.2.4,
MAFS.3.MD.3.6, MAFS.3.MD.4.8, MAFS.3.OA.4.9,
MAFS.4.G.1.1, MAFS.4.G.1.2, MAFS.4.G.1.3,
MAFS.4.MD.1.3, MAFS.4.MD.3.6, MAFS.4.OA.3.5,
MAFS.5.G.1.1, MAFS.5.G.1.2, MAFS.5.G.2.3,
MAFS.5.G.2.4, MAFS.5.MD.3.4, MAFS.5.OA.2.3