How Bok Tower Gardens Meets State Standards

Big Ideas in Science

Bok Tower Gardens’ educational curriculum is science-based with an experiential, Five-E approach. We focus on how science is done – observation, investigation, research, recording, and inference. Engaging activities in the life sciences explore diversity, adaptations, and interdependence. Using science vocabulary, tools and practices we connect the experiential learning students are doing today to the global scientific community. At Bok Tower Gardens, students become scientists!

Language Arts Florida standards

Rich vocabulary, interactive discussions, and opportunities to share learning are the backbone of experiential education at Bok Tower Gardens. Utilizing a variety of techniques such as nature journals, floor books and workbooks, students are prompted to read, discuss and write about their experiences. Students are active learners, working together to build upon what they know and to build their skills in communication. Bok Tower Gardens archives are publically accessible as an online digital collection to aid in pre- and post-trip primary source document research. The Education Department also has a lending library for students featuring historical stories and ecological literacy titles.

Mathematical Standards

Math practices connect with science and language standards to create a foundational approach to learning during educational tours at Bok Tower Gardens. Students take measurements and record data in multiple expressions: orally, visually and in print. Applying geometric concepts and studying symmetry are a natural fit in the garden setting.

Social Studies Standards

History comes to life at Bok Tower Gardens. Edward Bok’s life story from child immigrant to editor of the most influential magazine of its day promotes students engage in their education and act as active members of the community. His legacy is the mission of the Gardens:

quote-25pxMake you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.endquote-25px
– Edward W. Bok

Our approach uses his story as a source of information, inspiration, and reflection. The website contains digital archives of photos, letters, music and other primary sources.