Building Character

high school tree climbers

K-Adult $12 per student minimum 30 Mon-Fri 9A-4P 3HR

Students will learn teamwork, communication and courtesy as they work together to solve challenges thaey cannot solve alone in this team-building course. Activities and cooperative games encourage everyone to work to get to know each other, work with different people, create positive relationships, practice leadership skills, understand group dynamics, and laugh together.

Include the optional Low Ropes Challenge Course: Encounter a series of physical challenges and mental obstacles utilizing ropes, boards, platforms, and each other. Trained staff assess the group’s needs and help create goals. Guided discussions help identify individual strengths, reaffirm problem-solving techniques, and develop leadership and collaboration skills.

Include optional Tree Climbing: Get a bird’s eye view as you dangle from the branches of a tree safely tethered by a rope and harness. Choose the height of your ascent and swing aloft, walk on a branch, or lounge in a canopy-height hammock. This is a great peak experience which promotes self-reliance, healthy decision-making and adventure!

Ways to wrap it up

Include a picnic lunch and a walk to the Tower to give each student a chance to reflect on their own character and imagine how they will make the world a bit better and more beautiful. Or order a catered lunch and reserve our classroom to continue your own team meeting.

quote-25pxThis was so amazing. I loved every second of it.endquote-25px
-Lake Wales High School student

quote-25pxWonderful day, very well planned and executed. Gave all students an equal opportunity to achieve and be a better leader.endquote-25px
– Lake Wales High School administrator

Meets the needs of students Kindergarten through College.
Building Character and Successward Leadership programs are implemented in partnership with Pathfinder Outdoor Education. Pathfinder is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 and dedicated to building personal, social and environmental responsibility through the power of shared experience.