Welcome to nature’s best playground.

school group at bok tower gardens

Be the first to invite your students to splash, climb, explore and learn in the brand new children’s garden. The children’s garden is 2.7 acres of water and wonders that will delight students ages 2-12. In the Children’s Garden, your students will play with sound to create melodies, find a stage to act their favorite stories, and climb over and through beautiful sculptures that subtly teach about the unique animals that make their home in Central Florida. Plan on spending at least an hour in the Children’s Garden before heading up to the Tower to look for your school from the mountain top. You may combine a visit to the Children’s Garden with a guided visit.

Our Goals and Values

  • Authentic and engaging hands-on learning experiences
  • Academic excellence delivered with integrity and respect
  • Accessibility for all audiences

Building on more than 87 years of excellence, Bok Tower Gardens provides authentic and engaging educational experiences for learners of all ages. Our education program uses the rich resources of the Gardens to cultivate a sense of wonder and serve as a source of inspiration. Educational programs provide hands-on learning activities and leadership opportunities designed to challenge students to learn, grow and solve problems.