Rare Plant Conservation Program

National Collection

National Collection Beds

Bok Tower Gardens is one of 39 gardens that participate in the Center for Plant Conservation. Through an integrated conservation program of propagation, reintroduction, monitoring and management, Bok Tower Gardens has helped to conserve 64 rare Central and North Florida plant species, part of the National Collection of endangered and threatened plants. Of this collection, 29 are federally-listed and 35 are state-listed as endangered or threatened native flora.

Plants in the national collection monitored by Bok Tower Gardens include both living specimens and seeds in long-term storage, including:

  • Asimina tetramera (Four-petal PawPaw)
  • Bonamia grandiflora (Scrub Morning-glory, Large-flowered Bonamia, Florida Bonamia)
  • Calamintha ashei (Ashe’s Savory)
  • Calamintha dentata (Toothed Savory)
  • Chionanthus pygmaeus (Pygmy Fringe-tree)
  • Chrysopsis floridana (Florida Goldenaster)
  • Conradina brevifolia (Short-leaved Rosemary)
  • Conradina etonia (Etonia rosemary)
  • Conradina glabra (Apalachicola Rosemary)
  • Conradina grandiflora (Large-flowered Rosemary)
  • Crotalaria avonensis (Avon Park Harebells, Avon Park Rabbit-bells)
  • Cucurbita okeechobeensis (Okeechobee Gourd)
  • Cuphea aspera (Tropical Wax Weed)
  • Deeringothamnus pulchellus (White Squirrel-banana, Beautiful Pawpaw)
  • Deeringothamnus rugelii (Rugel’s Pawpaw, Yellow Squirrel-banana)
  • Dicerandra christmanii (Garrett’s Mint, Christman’s Dicerandra)
  • Dicerandra cornutissima (Longspurred Balm, Longspurred Mint)
  • Dicerandra frutescens (Scrub Balm, Scrub Mint)
  • Dicerandra immaculata (Lakela’s Mint)
  • Eryngium cuneifolium (Snakeroot, Wedge-leaved Button-snakeroots, Wedge-leaved Eryngo)
  • Euphorbia telephioides (Telephus Spurge)
  • Harperocallis flava (Harper’s Beauty)
  • Hypericum cumulicola (Scrub Hypericum, Highlands Scrub St. John’s-wort, Highlands Scrub Hypericum)
  • Justicia cooleyi (Cooley’s Water-willow, Cooley’s Justicia)
  • Liatris ohlingerae (Florida Gay-feather, Scrub Blazingstar)
  • Liatris provincialis (Godfrey’s Blazing-star)
  • Lupinus aridorum (Scrub Lupine)
  • Macbridea alba (White Birds-in-a-nest)
  • Matelea alabamensis (Alabama Anglepod, Alabama Spiny-pod)
  • Nolina brittoniana (Britton’s Bear-grass)
  • Paronychia chartacea (Papery Whitlow-wort, Paper-like Whitlow-wort)
  • Polygala lewtonii (Lewton’s Polygala)
  • Polygonella basiramia (Wireweed)
  • Polygonella macrophylla (Large-leaved Jointweed)
  • Prunus geniculata (Scrub Plum)
  • Spigelia gentianoides (Gentian Pinkroot)
  • Warea amplexifolia (Clasping Warea, Wide-leaf Warea)
  • Warea carteri (Carter’s Mustar, Carter’s pinelandcress, Carter’s Warea)
  • Ziziphus celata (Florida Ziziphus, Ancient Ziziphus)