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Virtual Event: Mindful Eating (Day 2)

Things To Know

Many people have been experiencing Covid 15 — the 15 extra pounds some have packed on their bodies since the start of the pandemic. Would you like to explore your relationship with food through a compassionate and caring lens? Translate your self-judgment into your feelings and needs and deepen your connection with yourself? As human beings, when we hear someone bossing us around even if the boss is our own inner critic, we resist what the boss is telling us. We all long for choice and autonomy and to know our needs matter. Learn to be your own best friend and tame the inner critic. In the second part of this exploration, we will prepare a food item together in our separate kitchens and practice awareness through a conscious eating exercise and examine our pantries. We will play with getting our emotional needs and our body’s needs met at the same time.

Event Date & Time

Friday & Saturday, October 16 & 17, 2020
10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.(EST)


$20 for members
$30 for Non-members

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About the facilitator:

Sylvia Haskvitz, Center for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Certified Trainer since 1989 and Registered Dietitian since 1983. Combining two of her passions, she authored Eat by Choice, Not by Habit, an NVC based book applying this consciousness and language to our bodies and food. Contributing author to Healing Our Planet, Healing Ourselves with a chapter titled Enemy Images based on her year and a half facilitation of a weekly dialogue group with Arabs and Jews in San Francisco, CA during the time of the Oslo Accords in the 1990s. Sylvia travels around the globe facilitating and sharing Nonviolent Communication with those wanting to return to a state of joyful giving and a world where all needs matter and we meet our needs in cooperation with others and not at their expense. She also works as an assessor supporting the next generation of certified trainers. As one of her clients says, “Sylvia cares about what goes into your mouth and what comes out of it.”  To learn more about Nonviolent Communication: cnvc.org, nvccalf.com, nvcarizona.org.