“Plant Patterns and Portraits” The Art of Redenta Soprano and Carolyn Cohen

October 21, 2016 to January 12, 2017

Carolyn Cohen and Redenta Soprano were brought together as friends because of their mutual love for plants and art. Both originally lived in the northeast, and both for most of their lives, have observed natural forms in detail and have drawn and painted what they’ve seen.This exhibition contains a collection of their works, which are portraits of plants rendered in the traditional vein of botanical illustration.

© The Art of Redenta Soprano and Carolyn Cohen. Artwork displayed above is representative and may not physically be present in the exhibit hall.

About Carolyn Cohen

Carolyn Cohen has been a professional artist for 30 years and turned to painting full time after many years in business. Part of her growing up experience was hiking with her family in the natural areas and parks in and around New York State, exploring undeveloped areas in New England, and, more recently, the native habitats in Florida. Carolyn is indebted to many botanical gardens for being able to paint on location. Her works include watercolors and hand painted etchings that combine the best of both media. For several years she has been creating an ongoing series of images depicting the structure and patterns of flowers.

About Redenta Soprano

One unforgettable day at age nine, while walking through the halls of my elementary school, Redenta Soprano had an epiphany. “When I grow up, I want to draw Nature!”

Scientific illustration is her chosen field of study and fulfills the declaration she made as a child. It has been a means for her to meld art and nature, the two subjects she has always loved the most.

Scientific illustration is drawing natural subjects so accurately that the drawing gives complete information about the subject and can be used without the aid of text. After learning to illustrate in a representational way, she teaches others how to observe carefully and draw objects in the natural world realistically.