Making Your Backyard A Bit More Beautiful With Upcycled Garden Art

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Do you have an old piece of stockade fence hanging around the house? If so, these scraps can be transformed into a beautiful piece of garden art. Let’s get started!

Step One
Using a hammer, knock the back of the fence pickets away from the cross boards being careful not to break them.

Step Two
With a circular saw, chop saw or hand saw cut the pickets into the desired length.

Step 3
Drill two holes near the top of the picket for a hanging wire.

Step 4
For a smooth finish, sand the pieces with a sanding block, sandpaper or electric sander.

Step 5
Paint the boards with a base coat using some leftover paint or leave unfinished, depending on your project.

Step 6
Now for the fun part! Round up some paints, paintbrushes, wire, and beads if you have them. If circumstances permit, head outside and look for something in nature that you would like to try to paint. Otherwise, a photo will work just as well.

Step 7
You can paint simple flowers by placing your wet brush repeatedly around a center point. Of course, you don’t have to paint flowers. You can try anything you would like!

Step 8
Once your piece has dried attach wire to one side at the top. Here we used 25 lbs galvanized steel wire cut into a 12” piece. If you have beads string them onto the wire to desired length, leaving enough wire to attach to the sign. Snip off any extra wire using pliers or wire cutters.

Some More Creative Inspiration
Here are some finished projects using a few variations of wire hangers. If you like the spiraled hanger, bend your wire around a pencil before attaching the second side.

We hope you are able to enjoy a bit of time outside in nature and capture the moment with your special creation. Please share pictures of your upcycled stockade fence projects with us on Facebook or Instagram!

This project was created and photographed by Cissy Stanko, a member of the Bok Tower Gardens Education Department.

3 Comments on “Making Your Backyard A Bit More Beautiful With Upcycled Garden Art”

  1. Interesting, but I need an injection of Bok Tower Garden plants. I loved visiting the gardens to see what was blooming. The carillon concerts are awful with FB servers overtaxed. I don’t have the patience to watch.

    But blog articles about what’s blooming? I’m all over that. I would share on all my social media channels. Oh, and another thing. I’m subscribed, but NEVER receive an email about a new blog. What’s up with that.

    You know, my membership renewal is sitting on my desk, waiting for me to send in a check before my membership expires at the end of the April. Right now, there is nothing on this website that moves me to even renew, much less keep my Donor level.

    I’m sure most members enjoy the gardens and natural trails much more than the carillon music or at least on par.

    I implore you, give me a reason to send in my check.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Thank you for your message and suggestions. Our content is evolving and with the situation here, we “dodge and weave” every day to provide new fresh information. We have asked our Horticulture team members to assist with accurate plant information. We do not want to publish information that is misleading.

    Yesterday we make huge strides to improve our concert broadcasts. We were able to secure some equipment on loan that ties into the microphones already located in the Tower. That will improve the concerts 100%! Today, we worked with several technicians to improve the visual quality. We are up against several hurdles including the inability to purchase technology tools and the streaming signal strength needed to be able to film in the Gardens. We are hoping to solve those challenges today. The entire team has been working around the clock to improve our digital footprint.

    As you suggested, we are pivoting to include more daily blogs about the plants that are blooming the Gardens. We are also researching a way to communicate when blog posts are published. Thank you again for your membership and supporting the Gardens. We depend now and more than ever on the generosity of members like you who want our organization to thrive.

    Thank you and stay safe and healthy.
    Erica Smith

  3. Thank you for answering and for the improvements. I appreciate it and of course, sent in my membership renewal before seeing this. The gardens are a treasure that will endure with public backing.

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