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One of the most frequent requests we get from visitors is help in finding photos or documentation regarding their ancestors who worked on the Singing Tower. We thought we’d share this group photo of the construction crew that was taken in 1928.

Tower Construction Crew_names

Construction crew names

Take a moment to mouse over this image to see if you can help us identify an ancestor who you think is pictured in the photo. If you think you can positively identify an individual please make a comment below using their reference number in the photo.

If you have any more photos of your family members working on the Tower we’d love to see them! Email our librarians at with additional photographs.

UPDATE (March 27, 2019):

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  1. My name is Jean Nolfi Romano. Recently, a close family member was considering a visit to the Bok Tower on an upcoming trip to Florida, and found the picture you had posted of the construction crew online. She has shared it with our family, and we can attest, with complete certainty, that both my father and our grandfather are among the crew members pictured. The individual identified as #8 is Anthony Peter Nolfi, my father, age 17 at that time, and individual #14 is his father, our grandfather, Carmelo Tony Nolfi. At that time, both of these men were recent immigrants to the US from Italy. My father was particularly proud of having been a part of that crew, and a picture of the completed Bok Tower hung in our home in Philadelphia, PA for many years. He continued in the construction industry throughout his lifetime in many capacities, and became the President of Philadelphia’s Employing Bricklayers Association later in his life, in testament to his body of work in the organization and in the industry. Both my sister and I have taken the opportunity to visit the Bok Tower in past years and now share a portion of the pride that my father and grandfather must have felt. We would be honored if their names could be added to those of the members of the construction crew who have already been identified. Please feel free to contact me if you have need of anything further. Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this.

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