Ringing Out Across the Years

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Another exciting new collection of materials has been added to Bok Tower Gardens’ Digital Collections!

Carillon Programs Collection

Did you know that Bok Tower Gardens’ first carillonneur, Anton Brees, once performed for Edward, Prince of Wales, the future King of England? You can now view the program for the Royal Visit to Capetown on Bok Tower Gardens’ Digital Collections website!

The Anton Brees Carillon Library at Bok Tower Gardens maintains files on more than 600 carillons around the world. Among these files are programs for the many recitals performed over 100+ years of carillon history. A small selection of dedication, festival, and special performance programs has been digitized and is now available online. This batch of programs is primarily focused on the many festivals and special concerts performed at Bok Tower Gardens – including the Seminole Festival held in the 1930s and 40s and our International Carillon Festival, which continues today – but also includes others from around the world. More programs will continue to be added in the future.

Seminole Festival at Bok Tower Gardens, 1936

Dedication at First Presbyterian Church Stamford, CT, 1947

International Carillon Festival at Bok Tower Gardens, 1991

International Carillon Festival at Bok Tower Gardens, 1998

One Comment on “Ringing Out Across the Years”

  1. Jamie,
    Looking at your blog made me miss you and working in the library. While it is too bad the gardens had to be closed but all the videos online have been great. I’ve really enjoyed Greet’s ‘Name That Tune’ concerts.

    My question for you — Is the music Greet used from the library or was he drying the music from another source?

    Hope you are well. We are doing well here.

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