A Guide to Geocaching

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So you’ve never geocached before… not a problem Bok Tower Gardens staff have prepared this go-to guide to get you going on your first adventure. Geocaching is a real world, outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers (called geocaches) using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online. Follow this guide to get started.

5 Easy Steps to Geocaching

  1. Go to geocaching.comVisit geocaching.com and sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Search by zip code for your starting location.
    Bok Tower Gardens’ zip code is 33853
  3. Pick your first geocache and enter its coordinates into your GPS device or smartphone.
    We recommend setting this up beforehand, somewhere with wifi.

    Help me save my mapsPro tip: use Google Maps to download your area and navigate offline, in case you
    lose cell reception before you find your way back home.
  4. Navigate to your treasure and sign the logbook.
    Geocaches are like unburied time capsules, so bring a treasure to exchange for someone else’s that’s already inside.
  5. Share your stories and photos online.

Our Geocache Coordinates

Here’s a list of 8 geocaches within the property of Bok Tower Gardens. If you start your journey right from here, make sure you visit geocaching.com to recount your excursion or share photos with us on social media. Click geocaching-logo-button below to visit the geocache’s official page. Click google-maps-square-link-icon to open the coordinates with Google Maps.

geocaching-logo-button google-maps-square-link-icon At The Pond   N 027° 56.334 W 081° 34.625

geocaching-logo-button google-maps-square-link-icon Cancer Journey #8   N 027° 56.032 W 081° 34.834

geocaching-logo-button google-maps-square-link-icon Bok Tower Gardens Bonus Trek 2014   N 027° 55.187 W 081° 33.969

geocaching-logo-button google-maps-square-link-icon The Best View in Lake Wales   N 027° 55.114 W 081° 34.647

geocaching-logo-button google-maps-square-link-icon Ode to Joy   N 027° 54.889 W 081° 34.032

geocaching-logo-button google-maps-square-link-icon Bok Tower Gardens   N 027° 56.269 W 081° 34.369

geocaching-logo-button google-maps-square-link-icon Virtual Cache: A Land Above All Else:   N 027° 56.312 W 081° 34.431

geocaching-logo-button google-maps-square-link-icon Bok Tower Gardens- Preserve Trail:   N 027° 55.841 W 081° 34.285

geocaching-logo-button google-maps-square-link-iconBok Tower Gardens Bonus Trek 2016:   N 027° 56.086 W 081° 34.798

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