A Garden Opens Up the View: A Poem by Charles Santiago

Pine Ridge Preserve Trail
Bok Tower Gardens
Lake Wales, Florida

Mr. Bok, I’m here, again,
To walk in heaven, all anew;
For, it is true–for Earthly man,
A garden opens up the view
To realms beyond our Earthly home–
Beyond Earth’s pretty, bright blue dome.

A sign, you left, for ALL to see,
THERE, below your singing tower.
From that grave, you’ve been set free
Free from month and day and hour.
As that tower sings, each day,
We delight in heaven’s sway.

Thank you, Mister Edward Bok,
For this Eden you have made.
It has picked the mortal lock,
Revealing life that will not fade.
When those bells begin to peal,
We can feel that heaven is real.

Written by Charles Santiago
September 20, 2023