Successward: A Few Prefatory Words (Introduction)

Successward is the 1895 book written by Edward Bok.

The average young man is apt to think that success is not for him. To his mind it is a gift to the few, not to the many. “The rich, the fortunate—they are the only people who can be successful,” is the way one young fellow recently expressed it to me, and he thought as many do. It is this wrong conception of success which this book aims to remove. It has no other purpose save to show that success—and the truest and best success—is possible to any young man of honorable motives. The subject is not new, I know. All that is hoped for from this book is that it may have for young men a certain sense of nearness to their own lives and thoughts, from the fact that it is not written by a patriarch whose young manhood is far behind him. It is written to young men by a young man to whom the noise of the battle is not a recollection, but an every-day living reality. He thinks he knows what a fight for success means to a young fellow, and he writes with the smoke of the battle around him and from the very thick of the fight.

E.W. B. 1895

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