Springtime is the right time to refresh your body, mind and spirit

Visit your primary care provider to keep your whole health on track
Spring has sprung and it’s a great time to prioritize your health by scheduling your yearly wellness exams with your primary care provider (PCP). For those who do not already have a PCP, choosing one is the best way to ensure your long-term health and well-being. Your PCP will treat and build a caring relationship with every member of your family. Their main goal is to manage your overall health care through regular checkups, preventative screenings and referrals to medical specialists when needed. A PCP is always there to help you make the right decisions about treatment and care.

Whole-Person Care
PCPs train in almost all areas of medicine. They can treat acute health problems like sinus infections and perform minor procedures such as draining an abscess. They treat you and your family during all stages of life.

The Health History Advantage
Because you see your PCP regularly, they get to know your health history. With this information, along with your relatives’ health history, they can screen for symptoms of serious diseases, which can help catch life-threatening conditions while they are still treatable.

Routine Screenings That Can Save Your Life
Simple, regular screenings such as blood pressure, cholesterol, breast cancer and colon cancer can help catch medical issues before they develop into serious problems. Over time, your PCP updates
your records and learns about your health habits, history, personality and lifestyle — making it easier to spot changes in your health.

The Power of Education and Prevention
A proactive PCP will educate you on how to prevent illnesses and diseases. They can tailor helpful information that fits your unique needs and goals.

Your Point Person for Specialty Care
Your PCP can refer you to specialists if you need them such as cardiologists or orthopedists. Because your doctor knows you well, they can match you to someone who fits your needs and personality. They coordinate your care, guide you through next steps and stay in constant contact with the specialist.

Personalized Chronic Health Management
When you’re dealing with a chronic health problem like diabetes or arthritis, it helps to have a PCP by your side. Your PCP specializes in helping you monitor an ongoing health condition, so you can better manage your chronic disease.

A PCP for All Seasons
Begin your journey to whole-person health by scheduling an appointment with a primary care provider at CentralFloridaPrimaryCare.com or call 407-401-7297.