God’s Hand: A Poem by Edward Bok

Originally published in the 1916 March issue of the Ladies’ Home Journal, Edward Bok wrote the poem God’s Hand: A supplication and an Assurance. The poem was set to the music from an old Dutch folk-song arranged by Josef Hofmann.

Father, so gentle, take Thou hand,
Deep are the waters, I know not the way;
Sleepless the nights, confused is the day;
All is so empty, so lone do I stand.

God, I believe, but the burden is sore,
Faith and fresh courage are all that I implore.
Give calm to my heart, that will banish all fear,
Open Thou my eyes, that Thy purpose may be clear.

Answer my wonder, dispel all my doubt,
Teach me the lesson of doing without;
Tho’ hard may be the cross, with help I can stand,
Father so gentle, I reach out my hand.

Harken, my child, believe in my Word,
Surrender thyself to me, I am thy Lord;
Earth’s deepest sorrows, they last but a day;
Fresh courage I will give you; I am the way.

Look up and trust! For the sun shines on high,
No shadow lies there: clear blue is the sky.
On guard are the stars, bringing calm to thy sleep;
Learn peace: have faith that thy watch I will keep.

Dry now thy tears: make thy heart bright and cheer,
Grief cannot blind thee, thy way I make clear;
Have faith I am near, at thy side do I stand,
I am thy Guide: put thy trust in my hand.