Florida Wax: A Bee-utiful Visitor Center Exhibit

On display now through October 25, enjoy a beautiful display of encaustic artwork created by Florida Wax artists. Florida Wax is a chapter of the IEA (International Encaustic Artists) and comprises of dedicated Central Florida artisans promoting the encaustic art process.

Encaustic is an ancient painting process that utilizes molten beeswax, damar resin, and pigments. The Egyptians and Greeks used this medium to paint murals, funeral portraits, and ships. Today, the technique is used in a more contemporary way through paintings, photography, sculpture, and mixed media.

As an ancient technique, a fire was used to fuse the molten beeswax, resin, and pigments, creating a beautiful organic painting. Artists today can accomplish this fusing using a blowtorch. A very unique and flexible medium, encaustic painting can include photographs and printmaking.

Bok Tower Gardens is hosting two great summer events to introduce visitors to the artists of Florida Wax. The first opportunity is Saturday, June 26, at the Bee-artistic Artist Reception. Meet the members of Florida Wax and watch as they create and demonstrate this one-of-a-kind art! You can also learn more about bees and how they produce honey with experts from Bee Haven. This event is included in general admission and will be hosted at the Visitor Center.

The second opportunity is the Encaustic Explorations Workshop onSaturday, August 21, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Participants will learn about encaustic history, safety, surfaces, and fusing. In this comprehensive class, we will be exploring various techniques such as incising, image transfers, pigment sticks, mark-making, collage, mono-printing, and incorporating photos. Students will leave with multiple pieces, utilizing a variety of techniques. All materials are supplied, and all are welcome. The class is $165 for members and $185 for non-members. Click for registration information.

Florida Wax celebrates encaustic art through educational opportunities and supports the encaustic community throughout the state. If you are interested in other Florida Wax classes and workshops, contact floridawax@yahoo.com.