Carillon Classic 5K presented by AdventHealth Pre-Race Guide

Exercise and well being have become more important than ever before. The Carillon Classic 5k presented by AdventHealth is great way to enjoy a morning on Central Florida’s most beautiful racecourses. Learn how you can prepare with this pre-race guide from AdventHealth.

Start A Proper Warm Up
Warming up and stretching are essential to a successful race. A proper runner-specific warm-up sequence will reduce your risk of developing an injury while enhancing performance. That’s why dynamic stretching is a more effective way to prep for a run.
Learn More About Pre-Race Warm Up

Nutrition 101
Enjoying a healthy dinner and breakfast are important steps in preparing for your run. As an athlete, you need to fuel your body to perform its best.
Eat better and Run Faster

Hydration 101
Hydration can be both simple and complex. Staying hydrated on a daily basis is the best way to set yourself up to be adequately hydrated on your runs.
Stay Hydrated

Importance of a Cool Down Routine
The time immediately following your run is a window of opportunity to improve your flexibility, strength, and overall athleticism.
Chill Out and Cool Down

Practice Consistency to Avoid Injury
There are endless ways to train, but when it comes to healthy running there’s arguably one contributing factor that overrides all the others: Consistency.
Practice Consistency

Ease Muscle Soreness
Whether you’re a new or seasoned runner, you’re bound to experience muscle soreness at some point in your training.
Ease Your Sore Muscles

Make Running Fun for the Whole Family
Whether you log your miles to be competitive or social (or both), running can provide opportunities to connect with others and ourselves to boost whole health in body, mind, and spirit.
Running with the Whole Family