The Power to Inspire

We received a beautiful poem from Charles Santiago, who recently visited Bok Tower Gardens. With his permission, we created this blog posting to celebrate his words and inspire others to bring joy to the world.

I just came back from a two-day visit to Bok Tower. My wife and I went there some thirty years ago, and I went back to reminisce over our good times, now that she has passed. I was so moved by the absolute beauty and serenity of the gardens and tower. I kept thanking Mr. Bok, in my mind, as I walked through the gardens, for giving such a gift for people to enjoy. In the early morning hours, Tuesday, I wrote a poem expressing my thanks for such a beautiful gift. I hope you enjoy the poem.

With great gratitude,
Charles Santiago

Thank you, Mr. Bok, for your Tower,
Surrounded all around by the power–
The power of the Earth to give birth
To feelings, deep inside, of great worth
That blossom, in my heart, like a flower.

Plants have the power to inspire
Music that is sung by a choir.
May they never cease to release
This power that can lead to world peace,
That men, to God’s love, may aspire.

A garden is filled with a light-
A remedy for man’s earthly plight.
Worldly strife is a knife
That threatens his life,
But a garden yields heavenly delight.

The poem was written by Charles Santiago, December 8, 2020. The photography is provided by Cassidy Jones and Max Lindsey for Bok Tower Gardens.