A Pop of Yellow

Partridge Pea
Chamaecrista fasciculata

A prolific reseeding native. The seeds are a wonderful source of food for birds. Additionally, the wide habit this plant exhibits (often growing between one and three feet wide) provides wonderful natural cover for a plethora of wildlife.

The flowers are also a wonderful source of nectar for bees and Lepidoptera.

In Florida, Chamaecrista fasciculate can be found in a variety of habitats including the Scrub, Sandhill, Flatwoods, as well as other well-drained areas.

The distinctive yellow flower with deep red stamens creates a warm feeling when found in mass, during their summer blooming season.

The name Chamaecrista comes from the Greek word chamae meaning low growth and crista meaning crested. The specific epithet comes from the Latin fasciculus which means formed of or growing in, bundles or clusters.

The blog post was written by Brendan Huggins, Director of Horticulture and photographed by Cassidy Jones, Social Media Coordinator.