Nature Provides a Box of Treasures

When I ask myself, “What is the most important thing I could do for the Earth today and every day?” the answer for me always comes down to teaching children to love and care for the Earth and her resources. For them to develop these sentiments, it is important they are familiar and learn about the planet by engaging all the senses available to them.

To help foster this connection, I turned this little cigar box into a nature treasure box with the idea that a child could carry it with them on an outdoor journey, gathering special treasures they find along the way. I really liked how this repurposed, velvet-lined wooden box felt and thought it would emphasize the specialness of nature. It even has a latch to secure the treasures.

They can recall their time in nature when they are back inside by reexamining the objects and share why they collected them. On their next outing, they can return some or all the items they collected and replace them with different ones. Encouraging children to set a limit and maintain a certain number of items will help them to make decisions about what is important to them and practice letting go.

You can decorate your chosen vessel and present it as a gift or decorate it with your special little one, allowing them to select the décor and a phrase that inspires them. We would love to see your nature treasure box so tag us if you create one or add hashtag #mynaturetreasureboks.

This project echoes the thoughts of one of my favorite Earth care advocates, Rachel Carson who said, “If a child is to keep alive their inborn sense of wonder, they need the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with them the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.”

This blog post was written and photographed by Cissy Stanko, Garden Educator.