The Muller Scrapbook

Remy A. Muller (1894-1978) was a World War I Army Veteran and employee at the John Wanamaker Store (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States). In 1931, he was accepted to the Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), where he specialized in campanology. As part of the curriculum at the Curtis Institute, he studied carillon with Anton Brees at Bok Tower Gardens (Lake Wales, Florida, United States).

Muller compiled this scrapbook detailing his time in Florida, including photographs, postcards, and his letters back home to his wife, Elizabeth (“Bee”), and son, Robert. This is the second of two (2) copies of this scrapbook. The first, which was given as a thank you gift to Mary Louise Curtis Bok, is held in the archives at the Curtis Institute. This second copy is believed to be Muller’s own copy. Both are bound in the same green leather and embossed on the cover with the words “Florida 1931 at the Singing Tower.” Both contain many of the same letters, photographs, and postcards, though they are not identical. Muller’s copy also includes several additional loose pieces of paper, which can be found on pages 65-75 of the PDF, including a letter from Mary Louise Curtis Bok.

Several of the photos, along with additional photos not found in the scrapbook, can be seen in Muller’s photography album.

There is evidence of age and wear throughout the scrapbook, including discoloration. The items within the scrapbook were attached to the pages using adhesive tape, which on many pages has come loose with age, leaving adhesive residue and discoloration throughout.

View Muller’s personal files and photos below:
Muller’s Photography Album
Muller’s Scrapbook