Keeping up with the Bucks

Over the course of this Holiday Home Tour season there will be one name that you’ll see one name on everything in the Pinewood Estate and that name is that of the Bucks. Often confused with Mr. Bok whom is the creator of this wonderful place Mr. Buck was builder and the first owner of Pinewood Estate. This Holiday Home Tour we are going to be showcasing the time he and his family spent at Pinewood thanks to photos and the hard work of our staff. We are able to recreate a holiday retreat down to Pinewood Estate or as it was known by the Bucks “El Retiro”.

Charles Austin Buck was the Vice President of Bethlehem Steel and originally from Pennsylvania. Like most other northern families they enjoyed vacationing south for the winter months staying in the neighborhood right next to Bok Tower Gardens, Mountain Lake. C. Austin Buck would travel with his wife Josephine, nine children and eight grandchildren.

The theme of this year offers an inside look into the lavish lifestyles of the Buck family brought to life from hand written letters written by Mr. Bucks’ daughter Dorothy and family scribe with her letters to her daughter Rosemary. Even including a complaint of a chameleon unable to survive a trip from Florida to Pennsylvania.

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(Pictured Above: Josephine Buck, Leonard, Dorothy, Walter, Lucy, Charles Austin Buck, Richard, Clement, Robert and Louis.)