Going the distance

The Rufous Hummingbird is a migratory hummingbird who has one of the largest roaming territory of any North American hummingbird species. Stretching as far north as Alaska as far south as the Yucatan and as far east as Florida. Aside from having one of the largest migration patterns per body length this species of hummingbird is known for being one of the most aggressive species. Despite their 3 inch frame they will often attack and chase down other hummingbirds, when feeding from a flower, even larger species up to twice their weight. Reports say they have even been seen chasing back chipmunks if they came to close to their nests.

The Rufous hummingbird has the most northern breeding ground out of any hummingbird species, stretching as far north as central Alaska. This feet is even more amazing considering where they start from. The Rufous’ starts its journey from central Mexico just north of the Yucatan Peninsula giving them a total migration distance of 3,900 miles one way from Mexico to Alaska. While this is not the farthest distance in total miles for a migration it is when compared to the size of this hummingbird. That 3,900 mile distance is equivalent to 78,470,000 body lengths. To put this in perspective the Arctic Tern has the longest migration pattern of any bird one way at 11,185 miles, which is equivalent to 51,430,000 body lengths. Even the legendary albatross pails in comparison to this hummingbird with a 10,000 mile trip that only equals 13,200,00 body lengths.