15 years after vows

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Bok Tower Gardens has a different meaning to everybody. Perhaps it is a memory of coming here as a child gazing upon the Tower with a wondrous look in your eyes entranced by it’s beauty. You may have come here with grandparents visiting Florida for the first time and realizing the true beauty of this state is in its untouched nature and decided to make this place your future home. Maybe you stood under the tower exchanging vows with the love of your life knowing this was the beginning of the happiest years of your life. This was the case for Kieley and Thurman Bronaugh, who on March 22, 2003 said “I do” here beneath this iconic Tower.

The two were wed here 15 years ago and have yet to be back since. Now as many of you know 15 years is a long time to go without seeing a place, but they remembered it all. It was spectacular to see the excitement in their faces as if they were about to be married for the very first time. Walking around reacting poses from former pictures, and most importantly showing this memory to their two children, now 10 and 12 years old.

A tangible memory is something not everyone has the privilege of having, but for these two coming back to Bok Tower Gardens and seeing how little had changed was a blessing to everyone. There is something to be said being able to come back to a place and give life to a memory. Being able to walk the same paths as before and have that sense of nostalgia coming back. This is really what makes Bok Tower Gardens a place of true serenity.