Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitos this Summer

Spending time outside is always great, especially if it’s relaxing with friends and family. However, what’s not so great is the annoying bugs that fly around, especially mosquitos! Not only do they make obnoxious noises, but they can also ruin a great evening by making you all itchy. Here are some great plants you can add to your backyard to help repel mosquitos!


not only gets rid of mosquitos, but it also has lots of other qualities and uses as well! If you want, you can extract the basil oils and turn them into a spray for an even more effective mosquito repellent.

Lemon Balm

To make lemon balm even more useful take the leaves, crush them, and rub them on your skin. This creates a natural mosquito repellent that will keep you safe and itch-less all night!


is another one of those plants that has numerous uses. Besides effectively getting rid of mosquitoes, rosemary can be used in cooking or mixed into lotions and soaps to make them smell great.