Four Best Buds

Jane Henderson, Lynn Hamel, JoRene Nevitt and Carol Livezey had not met before joining our volunteer family; however, through their volunteer efforts a wonderful friendship has been cultivated. Edward Bok was a huge proponent of volunteerism and he described in his autobiography the idea of service to others as the “third period” in his vision for a successful life. It is with great joy we share Jane, Lynn, JoRene and Carol’s own words describing how volunteering at Bok Tower Gardens can be a transformative experience.

Jane Henderson travels from Poinciana, but makes the trip faithfully. She was an English and foreign language teacher, and worked in her family’s entertainment business. She brings those skills to her tours, and even has developed some tour “groupies” over the years.

Lynn Hamel has been a world traveler with her Navy husband. As a former florist her skills are put to good use throughout the year and she is a member of the Holiday Home Tour Design Team. She also enjoys escorting school groups through the Gardens, even in the hot summer.

JoRene Nevitt is a former music teacher who lovingly supports her minister husband. Her beautiful singing voice carries over to her tours as she shares the stories of Edward Bok and Charles Austin Buck.

Carol Livezey was a Master Gardener in Ohio, and also provides tours for the Florida Flywheeler Antique Engine Club. Her Garden tours often include visitors who are in wheelchairs, young moms with strollers, or visitors who just want a slower experience on the new paths. “

Each one of us has come from different states and from varied backgrounds. The miracle is that by becoming a part of the Volunteer Program at Bok Tower Gardens, we have forged a friendship that would have never happened by any other way. At some point, volunteer work for us became much more. Our chance meeting as Garden guides has grown into a family affair. As with any family, we have traveled together, celebrated special occasions, and encouraged and consoled each other in sorrowful times.”

Bok Tower Gardens is always in need of new volunteers to help with our visitor experience. We have a critical need for volunteers with carpentry, woodworking, painting and construction skills. Do you want to learn more about plant species and plant identification? How about becoming more aware of native plant collections or Florida vegetable gardens? We have a position just for you!

Many different volunteer positions are available throughout the Gardens and we can accommodate an array of interests and abilities. If you are interested in volunteering at Bok Tower Gardens, please call 863.676.1408