Fall Florida Gardening


In Florida, fall is an excellent time to start a vegetable garden. Learn about the cool-season vegetables to plant in November and create your own “garden gold” by converting yard wastes to compost. Composting is easy to do and yields a manure-like, organic fertilizer/soil conditioner, which highly benefits Florida’s infertile native soils. Vegetables cannot tolerate standing water from excessive rainfall or irrigation. At the same time, vegetables need soil moisture to grow and produce. Frequency of irrigation depends upon the age of the crop and your soil type.

During the process of soil preparation, the fertilizer is laid in like lasagna, with different layers on top of one another to fill the bed. The different layers we use are potting soil mix, pine compost, ironite (organic fertilizer), ash from burn piles, and composted cow manure.

From more information, visit: Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide

Be kind to the environment by using natural fertilizers and pesticides. You can even find uses for yard waste left over from pruning.

UF/IFAS Organic Gardening Tips

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