D.I.Y. Broken Pot Fairy Garden


Make your own of creative garden arrangements and fairy gardens out of broken pots, proving that even a broken pot can be useful and beautiful. They add such a nice touch of whimsey to the yard-scape.

We patiently waited for a broken pot from the Tower & Gift Shop but if you don’t want to wait, time to break some pottery! Grab a pair of goggles and carefully take a hammer to some terra cotta pots. Here are step-by-step photos of how to start a broken potted plant, reincorporating the broken pieces as an entirely new addition, including little steps made of planter-peices.

So what’re you waiting for? Get started on your own charming and beautiful fairy gardens and discover how much fun you can have with your imagination and creativity.

There is a big array of miniature fairies and accessories, including everything found in this tutorial, in our Tower & Garden Gift Shop!

fairy-1All you need is a broken pot, fairy accessories from our Tower & Gift Shop, and your imagination!

fairy-4Reincorporate the broken pieces as an entirely new addition, creating little steps made of planter-peices

fairy-6Add some greenery with a little moss foliage, some succulents, or search your own garden for plants and flowers.

fairy-13A whimsical flower lamp will add enchantment and welcome fairies to your garden. Fairies can find rest on this charming metal chair and observe nature visiting the bird bath.

fairy-20These tiny clay pots make a lovely container for a tiny plant or flower.

fairy-15Even a watering can will add fun to your fairy garden if it is a bold fiesta color.

fairy-17A fairy garden would not be complete without a fairy.