Happy Poké-hunting Guide

Pokemon GO at Bok Tower Gardens

We’re so excited to introduce Bok Tower Gardens to a new generation of enthusiasts. Visitors have always said that everyone comes to the Gardens for a different reason. Some come for peacefulness and tranquility, others come for musical events, and with new garden spaces opening very soon we are ready to attract an even wider audience than ever before.

Welcome, Poké-hunters

Bok Tower Gardens was founded as a bird sanctuary, a haven for wildlife to live without the fear of being hunted. And that mission is not changing anytime soon. However, with the launch of Pokémon GO we are encouraging our guests to fill their Pokédex with plenty of digital bounty. Armed with only your smartphone, do your best to catch every last one of the little virtual Pokémon creatures that are highly attracted to places of arts and culture across the nation. Other gardens and museums are wonderful places to test your skills, so we’ve put together a short guide to help you on your way to an enjoyable safari through the wild of Bok Tower Gardens.

5 Best Pokémon Practices at Bok Tower Gardens

  1. Please do not park along the entrance road. Enjoy the leisurely 1.5-mile drive to our parking lot and Visitor Center. There is a parking area at the Pine Ridge Trailhead.
  2. Make your first stop at the Visitor Center for maps and carillon music programs. You will find the Visitor Center across the parking lot and to the left.
  3. Across the courtyard from the Visitor Center, the Blue Palmetto Café and Tower & Gardens Gift Shop are open from 9:00a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  4. For many visitors, areas of Bok Tower Gardens are meditative and preserving this serenity is very important. Please be mindful of others while playing and respectful of the paths and delicate botanical collections.
  5. Please do not try to enter the gates of the Tower. The Tower is not open to the public except once a year to our Sustainer members during the Founder’s Day Weekend Celebration.

The perfect way to enjoy Pokemon Go all year round is with an annual membership that provides unlimited admission to Bok Tower and free or discounted admission at over 40 attractions in Florida and more than 300 partnering gardens nationwide!

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Pokémon GO Giveaway

Submissions for our first Pokémon GO Giveaway are now closed. The winner has been contacted, and their randomly-chosen winning photo will be posted here and on social media when confirmed.

Thank you all for your participation. Stay tuned to Facebook and our email newsletters for future events.