Exploring 85 Years of History Behind Bok Tower Gardens

Meet Kenneth Treister and David Price, the authors of the brand-new book Bok Tower Gardens: America’s Taj Mahal. This new book about Bok Tower Gardens uncovers the rich history of one of Florida most recognizable works of architectural and landscape design which is located in Central Florida’s rolling hills of citrus.

Read about this eminent work of America’s “golden age of architecture” and learn how publisher, philanthropist, and conservationist Edward W. Bok commissioned two esteemed designers, landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. and architect Milton B. Medary, to create a sanctuary that would preserve the natural beauty of the region. This book also covers the adjoining Pinewood Estate, a fine example of a lavish winter residence of the 1930’s. Bok Tower Gardens is a National Historic Landmark, a complete work of art, and an extraordinary public monument.

About the authors & contributors

Kenneth Treister, FAIA is an architect and artist. He has written nine books, including Havana Forever. David Price, president of Bok Tower Gardens, Inc. was for twenty years director of horticulture at the site. Dan Forer is an acclaimed architectural photographer. Derek Bok is president emeritus of Harvard University and grandson of the founder of Bok Tower Gardens. Bob Graham is a former governor and senator of Florida.