Open Spaces, Private Places

Bok Tower Gardens has a little something for everyone. Visitors surely come to see the Singing Tower and stunning gardens, but there’s so much more to discover.

Often visitors come for quiet reflection. Some come prepared with a picnic lunch. Once a stroll through the Gardens is complete, it’s time to find a place to kick back and listen to the sounds of both the tower and nature.

Designed by renowned landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmsted, Jr., the Gardens still serve as originally intended. The layout offers the chance to closely envelop yourself in a quiet nook, perfect for deep thought or a private place to enjoy a few chapters of a novel. It really feels like your own personal corner of the Gardens.

For those who like wide scenic vistas and broad views, places like the Great Lawn and the Exedra are where you want to be. During several special events, the Great Lawn is packed with concertgoers enjoying music with a stunning view of the Tower and the surrounding landscape. On a typical day, however, this wide-open space is yours to enjoy.

The Exedra was a gift from the neighbors in Mountain Lake to Edward Bok. For sunset lovers, this is the place to be. At 298 feet, Iron Mountain is one of the highest points in Florida, and the view from the Exedra is one of the finest in the state.

Looking for your favorite spot in the Gardens? Check out the Visitor Guide and Map to find your perfect garden getaway.