Blooming Century Plant at Bok Tower Gardens

One of the most impressive plants we have in the Gardens is the Century Plant (Agave americana). Its massive size and beautiful shape make this plant an outstanding feature to the Gardens. Currently, we have one Century Plant blooming in the Gardens with a spike approximately 15 feet tall at the time of this post. The video above features our former Horticulture Director Nick Baker discussing a Century Plant that bloomed here at Bok Tower Gardens in 2009.

What is a Century Plant?

This particular type of Agave is commonly known as the Century Plant because in their natural habitat they do not bloom very often. The typical Century Plant lives for 10 to 30 years. When the conditions are right for seed germination in the area, the plant blooms by sending up a large spike from the center of the plant which can reach 30 feet tall. Throughout its life it also sends out small “pups” that will eventually grow large enough to replace the main plant once it dies.