Fresh, New, Original Music ‘Under the Stars’

Join us for an evening of fun and inspiring performances Saturday, April 27 with our annual springtime Concert Under The Stars.

Is it Jazz? Folk? Bluegrass? Rock? Or a unique combination that becomes something completely fresh, new and original? It’s difficult to put this music into one specific category because the truth is… there aren’t just simple categories of music anymore. But no matter what you call it, you’re sure to love it!

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The internationally recognized banjo virtuoso, Alison Brown (Quartet), comes to the Gardens with three Grammy nominations for solo recordings and a Grammy award in 2001 for Best Country Instrumental Performance. A former member of Union Station (Alison Krauss), Brown has been praised for her unique take on this traditionally Appalachian instrument. But no one knows exactly what to call her music style, not even Brown. It’s kind of a “blue-jazz pop-grass,” she jokingly suggests.

Also performing is another Grammy-nominated band, The Duhks (pronounced “ducks”), who tout their music as “a folk-rock, bluegrass fusion of Afro-Cuban soul and jazz.” The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based Duhks have always gravitated towards traditional roots-based songs, but they’ve never stopped evolving due in large part to a collective musical worldview that knows no boundaries.

The 2013 edition of Concert Under The Stars will be a night to remember! Tickets are $25 ($22.50 members).

See the bands in action!