Weekly Words – Inspiration from Edward W. Bok

Welcome to Weekly Words! Each week we will share with you timeless quotes, quips and inspiration from the writings of Edward W. Bok. Though he never considered himself to be an author, Bok wrote over a dozen books – including the Pulitzer Prize winner for autobiography in 1920, The Americanization of Edward Bok. Several of his books are available for purchase from the Bok Tower Gardens Gift Shop; others which are currently out-of-print can be found on sites such as Project Gutenberg, Google Books, and may be free-of-charge for download to an e-reader through Amazon.

We hope you enjoy our “Weekly Words” and invite you to share your favorite “Bok-isms” in the comments below.

“I am simply an ordinary beholder of Life who tries to put down, as best he may, what he has seen and heard and felt….It isn’t, after all, how well you write, it is that you LIVE and then put your experiences or your impressions into words that reach out and grip people.” ~Edward W. Bok, Twice Thirty

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